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ZoomVolume - I want to change volume a little.

ZoomVolume enables you to change the volume accurately.


Have you ever thought like this ...

  • iPod touch "music" app's minimum volume is too large for me.. :(
  • sliding the volume, when you release the finger, and then the volume jumps...


If you think like that, it's you I think the ZoomVolume user is.



I suppose you search on Google such a keyword like, "iPod touch volume too large", "iPhone volume subtle change", etc ...




ZoomVolume's window and function are quite simple.


zoomvolume init


You can change the "music" volume, roughly with bottom slider or hardware volume button, accurately with top slider.


zoomvolume zoomed



That's all, no "one more thing ...".



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Don't hesitate to contact us. We are waiting for your contact really. (Actually, "me" and "I")


available on App Store

If you are interested in it, go App Store and search "ZoomVolume", or you can simplly tap the link below.


ZoomVolume - takaaki024




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