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Divide It! - Contacts Name Divider

Divide It! (Contacts Name Divider) is a helper tool for iPhone "Contact.app", to divide Last Name and First Name.

Feature is below:

  • Divide First Name and Last Name.
  • Swap First Name and Last Name
  • Handle "Name" and "Phonetic Name"

Japanese usually uses Name and Phonetic Name, I wonder other users of other countries need it.

Features below are also mainly for Japanese.

  • Trim whitespace
  • Katakana to Hiragana
  • Full Width to Half Width

That's all. If you want to keep Contacts neat, and you want to save time, try it!


It is supposed when you need to use this tool is "after importing Address Book" or "keeping Contacts neat sometime".


Feature : Divide It!

Some Contacts are already divided, but others are not divided.

That makes you irritated, don't you?


before divided

(this capture is not of divide-it, but Contacts.app on iPhone)


When you start divide-it, display is like below:


before divided


When you tap the right side of each line, name moves one letter by one, like below...


after divided


You may not understand with this view, this work is modestly fun...

You can also swap first name and last name with the rounded arrow button on the center of line.

If you want to edito phonetic name, tap the "Phonetic Name" button on the left-bottom side.



After divided: Congratulations!


after divided

(this capture is not of divide-it, but Contacts.app on iPhone)


Divide-It! helped me keep the Contacts neat!! (At least "I" think so.)




Illustration in Video. (Japanese)

inquiry :

You can send message with the form bottom-right icon.


Don't hesitate to contact us. We are waiting for your contact really. (Actually, "me" and "I")


Available on App Store

If you want, search "Divide It!" on App Store, or Tap the link below.


分割くん - takaaki024




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