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Reorder It! - helps you tidying address

Reorder It! is an iPhone App which helps you reorder the addresses.

It's useful when contact has multiple e-mail address such as below:


multiple address on Contacts.

(this capture is not "Reorder-It!", but iPhone "".)


I don't know why standard "" or other AddressBook Apps on App Store don't have this feature.


Sometimes your friend tells you "I have changed the mobile phone!" and each time she changes the phone, her address increase on your Tidy it.


Feature: Reorder Addresses!

Start "Reorder-It!" and you see the display below.

You can reorder each line with dragging the grey 3-line-button on right side.


It's easy, isn't it?


Reorder It!


Reordering the addresses, you will find some addresses are already unnessesary.

In this case, you can delete addresses. Switch deleting enabled on right-bottom button.


Reorder It!


You can also reorder phone number. Switch to phone number on left-bottom button.


Reorder It!



That's All!


Other Recommendation:

"Divide It!" helps you divide or swap the "First Name" and "Last Name".

inquiry :

You can send message with the form bottom-right icon.


Don't hesitate to contact us. We are waiting for your contact really. (Actually, "me" and "I")


Available on App Store

If you want, search "Reorder" on App Store, or Tap the link below.


分割くん - takaaki024




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