The easy method for calendar input.

Choical - What is it?

choical is an App that can add event to default calendar app in iPhone / iPod touch.

You can simply input event in natural words, "2012/02/13 meeting" or "02/13 15:30 meeting".

Especially in Japanese, you can input like "meeting tomorrow" or "meeting tomorrow on 3 o'clock".

As I didn't think that's not convinient in English, I didn't implement it, in English.

If you want english support on choical, please suggest through the mail-form below. I'm waiting for you.

This App is designed for ones below:

  • Calendar app requires you to touch buttons too much, for inputting only one event.
  • You want to input event on meeting table, for less glance at display.
  • Switching input method is bothersome.
  • I think iPhone calendar is an extension of personal organizer.
  • You often forget what date is today.
  • You often forget what you were to write, while touching some buttons.
  • If you are someone like that, you are comrade of me with same problem.

Let's remove the trouble with choical!

description 1 : inputting event

choical window is simple. That's all.

Input the event such as "05221200 haircut".

This time, I input "05221200 haircut", and here appears the event window for "5/22 12:00-13:00 haircut".

Touching "done", you can add event.


This is all the manipulation on choical.

You can check if the event is on calendar.

Opening calendar app...

Here you are the event has been set!

description 2 : about format

Here is supporting format:

yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm hiking

mmddhhmm hiking

hhmm hiking

yyyymmdd birthday

m/dd birthday

"Favorites" window show you input examples.

Enjoy simple input.


You can send message with the form bottom-right icon.

Don't hesitate to contact us. We are waiting for your contact really. (Actually, "me" and "I")

You can get it in App Store

If you are interested in choical, visit App Store and search "choical", or touch the link below.

Download choical on App Store Download choical on Google Play